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Welcome to MedInvents

IMG_5740-800Welcome to MedInvents, global leader of innovative products for minimal invasive tissue acquisition.

MedInvents offers a complete range of biopsy devices and related technology to address the needs of the medical community in providing sufficient high quality tissues for molecular biology diagnostics and cell transfer, that will guarantee the best care for chronically ill patients and improve life in general.

Our minimal invasive large core soft tissue biopsy products have the highest level of accuracy, safety, and comfort with total control.  The procedure is fast and easy, and affordable for everyone.

But MedInvents is much more.  In response to the needs of the medical community new products and services have been developed. Please have a look at the following pages.

In addition, MedInvents offers clinical training, tutorials, on-site help and presentations of all clinical applications in which the new technology is used.

Medical Devices but much more

Tissue is the issue

— Magda Buttiens

Latest News

    • 20 OCT 15
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    Spirotome in breast cancer prevention study

    Women can bear increased risk for breast cancer.  Well known is the heriditary risk related to mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes.  Genetic tests of breast tissue disclose high risk biomolecular profiles in these women.  Treatment with pregnancy hormone, beta-hCG, could change this high risk profile and convert it to low risk.  A clinical study

    • 08 JUL 15
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    Still more unprecedented applications for the Spirotome in lung cancer

     Dr. van Struyen - Nieuwegijn - The Netherlands, succeeded to take a transdermal biopsy from a mass retro-aortic in an out-patient setting.  High quality tissue is requested by the pathologist for proper identification and characterization of the malignant lesion so that personalized therapy is possible without surgery.


MedInvents NV is has certified quality management in place with regard to: ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 13485 to satisfy all customers and to be conform to all applicable standards.